About Us

We are a great team! We are growing every year. Meet our team today.


 Hi, I am Melanie Bremner. I am the techie on the team. I maintain this website and deal with all of the uploads, downloads and sales stuff.

I was a ghostwriter and Content Management Virtual Assistant for 8 years. I have self-published over 30 books both fiction and non-fiction. I also run a Facebook group where I help others get their stories published and selling online.

I am a creative and am always looking for the next best thing to get my juices going. I love working with people and seeing how their minds work and how creative they can all be.

If I am not writing, drawing or building websites and storefronts, I am probably baking in my kitchen, swimming at the YMCA or spending time laughing and playing with my children.



  Carol is an Online Media Specialist and trainer. She has a passion for computer literacy and the benefits the Internet can provide. Carol is a life-long learner who’s motto is “It’s never too late, so get out of your comfort zone.”

Carol also has a weekly podcast and has been an avid blogger for 15 years now. She loves to share what she learns with others who are unsure of trying out new technology at a later time of their lives.

You can find her video courses selling on the Udemy platform and she is looking forward to sharing all of her expertise with you all here on this site.




Judith L. Rice is a woman of many talents. She is most often found in her big farmhouse kitchen whipping up a batch of soap or sitting in her studio recording videos for her craft vlog.

She is also a writer by trade with a University degree in Journalism.  After many years of ghostwriting, she decided to follow her passion for crafts. She loves to sell her goods at craft fairs and online with Etsy. When she isn’t learning more about marketing or business, she can usually be found showing others how to improve the ranking and visibility of their shops.

Finally, she is a military wife, mom of three, and also proud to have served herself.




 Bridget Greenwood has a gift for photography and loves to take pictures of children and nature. A retired realtor, she loves to spend time in the outdoors soaking up the suns warmth and rays.

When she is not swimming in her pool with the grandkids, she can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen or curled up on the couch reading a historical fiction story.

She loves interior design and enjoys decorating her custom built home for any Airbnb travelers who come to stay on their beautiful and spacious country property.

Whenever possible, Bridget will round up her husband and hit the road in their 32-foot camper and head for the wide open spaces of the U.S.A.