Building Your E-Commerce Empire

Are your students struggling to figure out which ecommerce¬†platform they should start selling on? Have you tried a few but not sure which ones to teach on? Why not try our Done for You 4 Week Course called “Building Your E-Commerce Empire”. Each module was designed for easy step by step following as you talk your class through all they need to know to get their first product listed on an easy to use platform and selling in no time.

We have tried countless platforms for selling over the last 10 years. Some have been great while others were enough to make you cry. Over time, I have found my favorites. I have tested them out selling my own products, and then have shared them with my classes. Each student found the platforms easy to navigate and add a listing to, along with creating pages, uploading product images and even installing add ons where permitted.

Today you can get your hands on the course materials and create your own lesson plans to help your students, clients or tribe get started selling online easy as 1, 2, 3.