How to Use Our Content

There are many different ways that you can use the content we provide. The following is a brief list of what you can do.

Teach an Offline Class- Need a quick course created with worksheets and handouts for homework but don’t have any spare time? We have designed each course that we write to be taken right out of the package and used in an everyday classroom setting.  Each of these topics has been tried and tested with students and received glowing reports. As we said, we are teachers ourselves and created these courses originally for our own classes based on our knowledge and application of the topics at hand. While you do need to know your topic to deliver your lesson for each day, having the materials at hand helps you to decide on a path to take your students as you teach them how to use each tool and system we have content created on.

Add to It and Teach Online- Don’t have an offline class to teach? No problem, how about setting up an online class through Facebook Live or Zoom? You can use each of the Done For You Courses as a basis of your own course. Add your own knowledge in the form of videos or more content and then upload the completed course for sale on a platform such as Teachable or Zenler(that’s our favorite). You can choose to teach in person or just upload the courses to sell in your online classroom.

Write and Create a Book- You can take all of our information and re-structure it into a book format if you would like to just give a how-to for your website readers instead of teaching one on one or in a group setting.

Create and Post to Your Blog-Perhaps you are an affiliate marketer and want to make some money promoting other courses, programs or products for your readers. We have many topics and titles that you can use that are suitable for turning into articles, blog posts, or even email messages.

There are a lot of ways that you can use our Done for You Content both online and offline. We encourage you to use your imagination. We only hope that you will be able to help as many as you can reach with your final product. Keep in touch. Let us know what materials you used and what you created. We would love to see it!