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Teachers! Are You Swamped with Paperwork?

When you first start out teaching or helping out clients, you often feel unsure of what to write, or how to prepare. Compiled with lack of hours in your day, you may feel frustrated and unsure of where to turn. Perhaps you have even scoured the Net for programs or courses you can use but have come up empty-handed.
Well, we are here to tell you today that we have your back! We offer courses that our team of writers(also coaches, teachers and trainers) have used personally in an offline environment that have helped our students accomplish their goals and get off on the right foot with their business or project, no matter where they were starting out from. 
Now you can take our Done for You Content and use it to create your own course to use or sell, or teach right from the handouts yourself in your own classroom. We have structured our content based on a 4 week program with tutorials, checklists, and worksheets. We find this method of training works very well and leaves enough time to cover everything comfortably without our students feeling overwhelmed or confused. 
We are confident that these courses will help you design just the right training program for your students too!

Introducing “Become an Etsy Rock Star Seller” Done for You 4 Week Course
I know you have the skills and the tools to get your students and tribe up and running with their own businesses but the daily work is a never-ending grind it seems doesn’t it?
So, when are you supposed to find the time to map out and write the how-to guides and lesson plans for your students when you can barely remember your name some days?
That is where our Done for You Content comes in handy. Created by teachers who have spent the time working out the kinks and finding out what works, these lesson plans are the perfect “cheat sheets” for you to use to teach your tribe.
This Done for You Content is designed to be used by yourself, and then modified and added to, by you, as you go. You can then teach and sell your new product to your own members or students as needed. This information has been based on the experiences of my partner Judith and I, who are Etsy shop owners, and now want to share our secrets with you.
Why? Well, just like your students and tribe, we too were once beginners who felt lost and close to giving up. We didn’t have a partner to show us the way. Instead, we spent hours upon hours, searching out answers and recommendations from other successful sellers and painfully putting all the pieces together to make it all work in our shops. It wasn’t a picnic! It was long and tedious and a lot of testing and tweaking but finally the traffic and sales began to flow in.

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Introducing “Building Your Ecommerce Empire” Done for You 4 Week Course

Are your students struggling to figure out which ecommerce platform they should start selling on? Have you tried a few but not sure which ones to teach on? Why not try our Done for You 4 Week Course called “Building Your E-Commerce Empire”. Each module was designed for easy step by step following as you talk your class through all they need to know to get their first product listed on an easy to use platform and selling in no time.

We have tried countless platforms for selling over the last 10 years. Some have been great while others were enough to make you cry. Over time, I have found my favorites. I have tested them out selling my own products, and then have shared them with my classes. Each student found the platforms easy to navigate and add a listing to, along with creating pages, uploading product images and even installing add ons where permitted.

Today you can get your hands on the course materials and create your own lesson plans to help your students, clients or tribe get started selling online easy as 1, 2, 3.

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