PLR Workshops

Hey there! Are you looking for some quick workshop material? These workshops have all been designed to be taught in a 2 hour session(that is what we do right now) but they are PLR, so you are free to do whatever you would like with them. 

Go wild!

Coaches! Are your clients leaving money on the table when customers leave their shop?

Now You Can Show Your Clients How Connecting with Their Customers to Encourage Repeat Sales Can Be Done Quickly and Easily with this Autoresponder Service…and It’s Completely Free!

Dear Coaches and Teachers,
Do your clients complain that they are tired of always having to look for new customers to come into their Etsy shop?
Do they wish they could just flip a switch and the sales would come in? Well, there is a way that they can leverage the customer list they have now, and all it takes is a couple hours to set it all up.
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