Quick and Easy Email Marketing with MailChimp

Coaches! Are your clients leaving money on the table when customers leave their shop?

Now You Can Show Your Clients How Connecting with Their Customers to Encourage Repeat Sales Can Be Done Quickly and Easily with this Autoresponder Service…and It’s Completely Free!

The secret to growing a successful business and keeping happy customers, is to stay in touch and remind them that you are still there to offer them something else that they can benefit from or enjoy.

From: Melanie Bremner

Date: May 1st, 2018

Subject: Teach your clients how to stop throwing money away and learn how to contact their customers for repeat sales

Dear Coaches and Teachers,

Do your clients complain that they are tired of always having to look for new customers to come into their Etsy shop?

Do they wish they could just flip a switch and the sales would come in? Well, there is a way that they can leverage the customer list they have now, and all it takes is a couple hours to set it all up.

Building a Hungry Etsy Buyers List with MailChimp

Your client may have already heard about the importance of growing an email list but has never bothered trying to figure it all out because they thought it would be too complicated or expensive to get started. Well, neither of those are true!

I admit, I have tried some autoresponder services that have left me pulling my hair out and screaming into the night. But then I came across MailChimp. MailChimp was a little intimidating at first but then slowly I figured it all out. Now today, with the help of this short tutorial “Quick and Easy Email Marketing with MailChimp”you too can show your clients how to get set up and start connecting with their Etsy buyers list as soon as tomorrow.

Since I have done it already, I walk you through the steps one by one to help you avoid getting lost in the dashboard settings and unsure of what to do next. You can avoid the frustration, sit back and sip your coffee, and merely press the button to send off your very first message in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it all on your own. You can run through these steps yourself before you teach your client or opt to run through the steps alongside your client. The choice is yours.


Here’s a few things that your client will learn in the tutorial:

How to design their own landing page using free tools and a drag and drop interface that even a non techie can sail through.

How to create the perfect Welcome message that will help their subscribers warm up to them and be glad to be on their list.

Learn what split testing is and how they can design pages that will draw in their ideal customer looking for more of what they have to offer

Learn the best automation sequence and frequency to get their subscribers opening their emails and clicking on their call to action requests

Learn the difference between an automated message and a broadcast and when the best time is to use them 

Here is a snapshot of the inside of the tutorial:

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Quick and Easy Email Marketing with MailChimp PLR Tutorial

Here’s to Your Success,

P.S. This report comes with full PLR Rights. So grab it now. Here is what you will get:
  • 10 page report as a Word doc, Open Office document and a PDF file
  • 2 page checklist comes as a Word doc, Open Office document and a PDF file
  • 21 screenshots as both jpg and png images
  • 5 book cover layouts as both jpg and png images

Read what some of our other students have said about the tutorial:

Great starter pack to help your audience get started with their first email campaign within an hour. The checklist is easy to follow, and all information is super simple to re-brand and edit.
Building an email list is the first step for growing any online or offline business. And MailChimp is a good starting place. This step by step easy tutorial about setting up your email list with a landing page in MailChimp will make teaching your customers super simple. It also includes a checklist which would be a great optin giveaway.
Starting a email list is one of the most crucial steps in any online business yet many people don’t know how to get started. ‘Quick and Easy Email Marketing with MailChimp’ will help your customers who have been avoiding email marketing because they fear it is too complicated and costly. This report is well written and provides clear step by step instructions and best of all demonstrates that Email Marketing With Mail Chimp is easy for anyone to do.
Cynthia Maxwell
This neat little guide is full of details on setting up MailChimp to start building your list. I've used MailChimp on and off for a business I don't do much with anymore, and I had no idea that you could create landing pages with MailChimp! Thanks to this report, I do now!
Suzanne Sukhram